Strike Master Survival Tools - Fire Starter Tool

The safest and most dependable fire igniting tool around.


The safest and most dependable fire igniting tool around. Performs well in wet conditions, cold temperatures, and high elevations.

When I was at the Saturday Market in Portland Oregon, We ran into Charles Houtchens, creator of Strike Master Survival Tools.

After he gave us a demonstration, we have to buy a few!

He was kind enough to repeat his demonstration so I could share it wit you.

Strike Master Survival Tools have Multiple Uses

Strike Master Survival Tools - Fire Starter Tool


  • Magnesium burns at 5400 degrees F making it possible to ignite green or damp tinder
  • Hot flint sparks of 1200 degrees F easily ignite fine dry tinder
  • Sparks light gas stoves, propane, heaters, barbecues, etc.


  •  When you scrape flint lightly back and forth sparks illuminate the area around you, allowing you to walk safely or easily locate items in the dark
  • No battery to go dead, your Strike Master tool is ready when needed


  •  A shower of sparks can be seen for up to 3 miles at night
  • Allows you to be located when boating, walking, hiking, hunting, or when your vehicle breaks down
  • Smoke-signal fire can be seen from several miles away.

With the Strike Master, You Have Hundreds of Fires in Each Unit

Directions on how to use the Strike Master:

To Ignite Damp Tinder – Shave magnesium into a quarter sized pile. Place fine tinder on top  of magnesium. then ignite with a solid firm scrape of flint.

To Ignite Fine Dry Tinder – Set tip of flint directly into tinder. Scrape firmly all the way to the end of the flint rod. If tinder does not ignite right away, scrape the flint consecutively 2 or 3 more times.

To Ignite Gas – Turn on the gas, shower sparks into the ignition area.

Tips on Using the Strike Master Survival Tool

  • Place the tip of the fire starter firmly on the ground
  • Hold scraper at an angle to rest of fire starter
  • For best results, the flint bar should be nearly touching the tinder
  • If the scraper is lost, a knife, broken piece of glass, chipped rock, or any hard sharp edge will work in it’s place
  • Tinder includes:moss, dead grass, pine needles, leaves, wood shavings, steel wool, cloth, paper, etc.
  • With some models shavings from the wooden handle make excellent tinder

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