DIY Belt Tool Holder


Have you ever been working around your campsite only to find that you keep tripping across all of your tools? Does your camp table just not have enough room to hold all of your cooking accouterments? This DIY Belt Tool Holder is one of my favorite ideas that I’ve come across to help alleviate such issues.  I don’t know where this idea originated, but it is definitely a very handy way to organize your camp tools and cooking utensils while out tent camping. It’s also very simple to make!

The first thing you need is to find an old belt, I prefer leather. hooks3If it has holes in it like the one in the picture, that’s great. If not, there are ways to work around that.

If your belt has many holes like the one pictured, you can use small hooks made for pegboards. The type of pegboard you may normally see in a workshop meant to hold and organize tools on the wall. You can find these hooks at any “big box” store. Or, do as I did and pull them off of your own peg board.

hooks2If you are using a belt without all the holes you can use simple “S” style hooks. These can also be found at the big box stores or the hardware store. They come in many different sizes and they work great. Just slide the top part of the “S” hook  over the top of the belt between the belt and the tree.

Strap your belt around the tree of your choice, at about head height, and insert your hooks.

THAT’S IT!hooks1

Now take all those tools that are leaning against trees and lying on the ground and hang them up! Out of the way and much easier to find!




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